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Our most popular service, this box offers a well-rounded variety of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables.

It's a great choice for families and people who like fresh fruit and enjoy cooking a few times a week. Follow us to learn when we open new areas.

We've been passionate about growing delicious produce and promoting sustainable farming practices ever since. We are honored to partner with other local, organic family farms and artisans—folks we know and trust—to bring you wholesome, healthy, real food. Together we can change the food system by connecting local growers and communities. Customize Your Box Before each delivery, you have the option to view — and make changes — to the produce items arriving in your box!

Quickly add a few produce items you want and remove those you don't. By working with small artisans, items change with the seasons so there's always something new and delicious to enjoy! Changes to your delivery have not been saved. The border-radius applies on the border-edge. If there is neither padding nor border it will directly affect your content edge, which results in your third example. This means that your CSS rules result in a box that only consists of a border. Your rules state that this border should have a maximum width of pixels on every side, while on the other hand it should have a maximum radius of the same size:.

In the picture, the actual content of your element the little black dot is really non-existent.

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If you didn't apply any border-radius you would end up with the green box. The border-radius gives you the blue circle. It gets easier to understand if you apply the border-radius only to two corners :. All values are in percent. To produce radius it takes two sides of its border. If you set border-radius to 50 pixels then it would take 25 pixels from one side and 25 pixels from another side. It can take up to pixels from top and pixels from right. Then it would produce like this:.

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Then it would produce a circle like this. Borders are the outer box of any content and if you apply radius on it, it will simply produce the circular edge. So it sets border with given radius.

How to Make a Gift Box - DIY Round Box With Lid

Hope this fiddle helps you to understand the concept. Thank you for your interest in this question.

centering a circle on a square?

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How does this CSS produce a circle? Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 5 months ago. Active 3 years, 8 months ago.

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Viewed 17k times. Suppose, if a rectangle width is pixels and height is pixels then it would appear like this: After applying border-radius 30 pixels it would appear like this: The rectangle is becoming smaller, that is, almost going to disappear if the radius size increases. Harry Navin Rauniyar Navin Rauniyar 4, 9 9 gold badges 32 32 silver badges 59 59 bronze badges.

The Box & The Circle Basic Training

It's a 0x0 object with a pixel border around it which has rounded corners. So the rounded corners are quadrants of a circle. Let's reformulate that into two questions: Where do width and height actually apply? Where does border-radius apply?

Circle in a Box Circle in a Box
Circle in a Box Circle in a Box
Circle in a Box Circle in a Box
Circle in a Box Circle in a Box
Circle in a Box Circle in a Box
Circle in a Box Circle in a Box
Circle in a Box Circle in a Box

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