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The Welding Institute is pleased to announce Dave Holmes as the new president. Dave has been with BAE Systems for 35 years, where he started as an apprentice in Ed Ginzel from NDT. The concept of a peer reviewed paper seems to have a much different reality today than it did years ago.


Peer review used to imply that a paper, after being suita When combined with a water column, this solution can be used to collect easy-to-interpret data on elbows with diameters ranging from 4. OD up to flat and offers many benefits.

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The compact inspection head is suitable for thermographic ndt tasks. The uncooled infrared camera. All required components and functions are integrated into the inspection-head. You will only need an ethernet cable to connect the sensor with the evaluation system. TOPAZ64 can generate a bipolar pulse that provides more acoustic energy versus previous models for punching through thick components.

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The result is a portable tool that delivers increased inspection coverage, more accurate signals, and the ability to handle all UT inspections in one package. TOPAZ64 is ideal for challenging applications in transportation, oil and gas, manufacturing and power generation.

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With its unique dual display and three measuring modes Multiple-Echo, Echo-Echo and Single-Echo , this surface thickness gauge offers maximum versatility for inspections. NDTkit RT is a software benefiting from the Ultis kernel which is dedicated to radiographic image analysis. It offers a set of tools and filtering processes to assist RT operators in finding relevant flaws. Portable high-resolution CR scanner for all radiography applications - weld testing, profile images.

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Widgets as Personalised Mini-Portals Wireless Local Communities in Mobile Commerce When I mentioned that I was putting together an encyclopedia of portal technology and applications that would have around articles, a college at Victoria University asked me whether there was enough material in the world written on portals to do that.

I replied that even if there was not, there soon would be. The final product you are reading bears this out, with almost articles from 31 countries around the world.

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A crude measure of the growing importance of the portal comes from a Google search of the World Wide Web. In September , this search produced 1. A similar search, performed in October , produced million entries, and in December , only This measure is rather crude, as definitions change and some entities that were not previously called portals now are. It is also the case that some of these entries refer to other types of portals, such as those on medieval cathedrals.

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It is, nevertheless, clear that Web portals have become an important topic for discussion, and one that is becoming more important as time goes on. Despite appearing to cover quite a narrow area, the topic of Web portals is an extremely diverse one, and this encyclopedia provides a broad and quite detailed overview of this topic.

Mathematics, the science of structure, order, and relation that has evolved from elemental practices of counting, measuring, and describing the shapes…. Trending Lists.

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    Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications
    Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications
    Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications
    Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications
    Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications
    Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications

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