Everything is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed

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This is why I only follow real business leaders. That would be guys like Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone. People who are honest about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. The both own multi million dollar businesses. And, I weed out the fakes like Tai Lopez. Tai does have some valuable info so I do watch his videos on YT. I just stay away from his products. Does anyone remember Don Lapre? Anyone who was old enough in the 90s would remember him. You can make money online and have a thriving business. You just have to be very careful when investing your time and money. Do you research. Are they real?

Look for the proof. He also owns Vadermedia which is the largest social media company in America today. Google, Facebook, Twitter, those alone are hundreds time bigger in both size and value lmao. And after getting a good number of followers, starting a random Course about Blogging and selling the course to newbies.

Well, even if you don;t earn that was much doing blogging, you can make more by selling Blogging guides. If you think your coaching is worth promote it but not your fake earning screenshots and travel posts. How foolish it. These all things my self Kulwant Nagi doing will quit very soon.

Thanks Neville once again Love the Hustle!! Love this post and your work! This was good. Beware, some of these insta scammers are evolving. For what ever reason my friend did this after i pleaded with him not to. Great post!! I would have liked to share this on my Facebook but I will destroy a few friendship bridges doing so. I even got warned for warning them. Here are some of the tactics I noticed sorry if it has been mentioned :. They even do charities in the name of whichever God they are devoted to to gain pity and forgiveness. One scammer even filmed a very touching and motivational video depicting a poor to rich situation.

Scams running on their own like a miniature economy system by turning real cash into faux cash that can be used with affiliated member-companies. Plus, you get to use the faux cash in literally everything you need in life: food, property, cars, electronics, clothes, entertainment etc etc. One scam I recently found contradicted one of your points. I know my forex and I say that is a terrible strategy.

Also, packages! This article is fantastic. Cody McLain just told me about your site and I had to check it out. Having a clearly established standard for yourself, and recognizing that you can make MORE money by sincerely helping people, is essential before getting started with your product. Very true. Nothing wrong with increasing a conversion rate, but it comes with a cost sometimes if it gets in the unethical realm.

Glad you found me Rob! No scammy tales from me. But one thing — I laughed out so loud while reading this post that my team mates thought I was watching some b-grade bollywood comedy flick! Especially compared to a lot of coaches. A lot of places do a technique where they make tonnsss of promises about the result…. It reminded me of how much I enjoy the mental games people play to trap people. This article was great and had me laughing pretty good! Someone actually tried to scam me this week. I changed personal information for privacy purposes except the actual IP address of the person who tried to scam me.

Making the payment today will not only enhance smooth closing process on this property but it will also give the Title Company enough time to complete their paperwork before the scheduled closing day. I am busy with meetings and showings today, email is the preferred method of communication. So please send me an email if you will be able to make the wire transfer today so i can send over to you the wiring instructions provided for the closing officer newly assigned for your closing.

I then emailed them asking if I could drop off a check and they sent me an email back saying it has to be a wire transfer.

Special order items

So, I then sent my realtor a text asking if this was from her and she said no. I then sent them an email for the wiring instructions just to see what they would send and it was an account in Colorado. Was a pretty good scam. Had me thinking about it, but luckily I did not act otherwise I would not be able to buy my house…. But there are so many! And yes, I realise how naive I sound haha. Well, there was this one time taking the underground in NYC and my fellow-foreign friend and I are having trouble figuring it out.

Some random came to help us swipe our tickets to get onto the train. We thought he was so sweet! Not nice language from an elderly person ;. Bah, never heard of that NYC subway one….. Thanks for sharing Yadah :.

Everything Is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed - PDF Free Download

This happened to me twice while traveling to San Francisco. The trip takes longer than it should and of course costs more than it should also. I will petition the Royal Council of Mathematics to change this equation based on your discovery :-P. I was ecstatic as I so wanted those darn cute newborn pictures that everyone brags with.

A month later another women came to our house. On a piece of paper she wrote down the different packages and what they cost. I asked about the free photos and she chose one that we could get as a free extra if we buy a package. My husband was livid- this woman was so obviously playing a game of emotional blackmail with us. I took better photos with my phone! Oh man, that sucks…. I would want those pictures too! They still use these really old-school tactics from the days of when you had to develop pictures from film.

In fact, the company did not have any items to sell. Once a sufficient number of customers had sent money for items, the company sent out letters of apology to all of them, and also sent them refunds — in the form of company cheques clearly printed with the explicit company name. Once a woman called me to inform me about a magazine. It was free to check it out. So they send me their magazine. But I received a bill for administration and sending costs. He had sales letters, utility bills and a letter from the state mortgage provider stating that his title deed was in their possession and would be released to us on final payment of the balance….

X paid the first couple of installments and then defaulted. The matter went to court and my firm won. Apparently nobody from my firm had ever followed up on the original title, we had an officially signed and stamped letter of confirmation from the State after all! But the man was terrified! When the bailiffs moved in to take control of the property we found out that it was owned by somebody else an ex-cop… go figure! Turns out house was dodgy from the get go.

At the time anybody could claim any property as long as they advertised once WTF?! All evidence went up in smoke and is lost in time…. So we have a conman, X, getting together with the heirs of the property which may or may not have been acquired through dodgy means in the first place -organizing a fake sale to himself, getting a fraudulent mortgage against it and then selling the house again to a third party.

Only thing is, X is scared. Figures he can pay it off in his own time, or default on it. Figures he can squeeze even more money out of a nice little scam. Man was an organizational savant. He managed to get the heirs, city council, mortgage provider and perhaps somebody at my firm to enable his little scheme.

Unwittingly …perhaps? We had enough on him and the heirs to make their lives very difficult. PS: WTF…. Ten years on and it still boggles the mind!!! A pretty good scam that happened to me recently was, i got a voicemail on my phone from a lawyer saying he worked at the CRA the tax agency in Canada. Initially i was pretty freaked out since my parents had literally just gone through a six month audit with the CRA and maybe they looked into me at the same time….

So i went nuts! Boy I was hot. Heres a good one. I recently was trying to renew one of my sub domains with a large well known registrar. Thing is I no longer use the card they had on file and needed to change the card.

Everything Is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed

Seems simple enough right. Heres where the scam begins after you enter your new card number and hit continue the systemgives you an error saying unable to save card please try again. Did this twice same thing ,just as I am about to try a third time I start getting texts from my bank saying my card had just been charged twice.

Thank god for text alert. I immediatley contact customer service via live chat and explain the situation. The person on the other end confirms my identity and says let me look into this. So after about 15 mins they comeback and say oh wrong dept I will transfer you.

They then say they will look into it please wait. So after a while of waiting this person says yes I can see your transactions but they didnt go through please try again. Now I am not stupid and refuse and tell agent to process transaction since they acknowledge processing my card before even getting to checkout. Agent tells me they cannot do this it is a technical error and to please keep trying that it can take up to 10 tries before card is accepted into the system and then if that doesnt work to try another card.

By now I am extremely pissed and using foul language the whole nine yards. Then the agent comes back and says there is nothing they could do about it as their payment system was actually run by a separate company and that it was common practice when ordering anything online to actually charge the card before checking out and that all I needed to was checkout. I tried to tell the agent this was impossible as it hadnt saved the new card. Again I was urged to keep trying and I refused and told them I was reporting them to my bank.

The agent then comes back and says I am very sorry sir I will create an incident and we will do an internal investigation and if the problem is found to be on our end your money will be refunded in wks. In not so many words and not so nicely I told them this was not acceptable and that as far as I was concerned this was outright blatant fraud and that they had 24 hrs to return my money or I was reporting them to my bank and the police plus putting a warning about them on every social media site there was. After that the agent once again tried to get me to try a different card.

I again repeated my warning and added that I had copied and saved the entire chat for the police and that I was serious and not joking. The agent then started into the apology routine again and sent me a follow up link saying this was the link to the internal investigation. At this point I closed the chat and in the morning luckily I had my money back and renewed the domain elsewhere through Paypal and then went to my settings in Paypal and cancelled any further automatic charges.

I wonder how many people get scammed everyday and dont find out till the end of the month when they get their statements that they have been charged multiple times. I was on a 12 hour international flight sitting in the middle seat. All of a sudden her whole demeanor changes and she realizes she might have forgot her wallet in New York! Soon enough I realize her attitude is kinda weird. The good guys get pulled into this behavior sometimes. Yeah they do, some of these ARE legit forms of selling.

I got scammed by my college, promising me to give me an education that would make me job-ready in 3 years. Heck yeah that is the biggest scam of all. Especially these private colleges. All of them cost the same. I got foreclosed, was chased after by loan sharks, and my wife has a health condition requiring a hefty amount of money. Are you in one? The public housing scheme of Singapore. A three bedroom apartment, sqft, cost an average of USD, Mortagage term: 35 years. You have to return to the state.

The fake bus attendant will force you to pay saying that he cannot put back the drink since he already made a hole with the straw. Now that I have shared that, I feel dirty. I need to shed my evil ways so please send my NevBox soon. Their governments fault. Their banks fault. Yeah the mass conspiracy tactic. There is one loop hole that will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams but before I tell you about it…. How he found out and we will show you how. They will tear down this site. So act now.

I live in NYC and I was baffled by one of the most simple yet ridiculous scams that went on for months if not years. A hotdog-cart-guy had two price signs for his trusty cart filled with meat, bread and condiments. Genius, or scum of the earth? Either way he got off pretty much scot free except being forced to have a sort of permanent sign on his cart with the correct price. Why thank you for finally commenting Davain! That hotdog scam sounds crazy unsustainable!

But I totally believe it.

Stupid Things That Parents Do ( + FUPA )

I had a friend who came back from Thailand and told me about a pretty elaborate scam where a young mom will come up to you with a baby slung over her shoulder. This is all organized by some local gangs. Often you can see 10 ladies coming into the plaza, all at the same time, babies slung over their bodies. Oh man, totally a tourist trap……. Can totally make people fall for it. Very scammy tactic. My mom actually fell for this a few years back.

Aww that sucks Davain, I feel like if the person spoke decent english and sounded legit this one would be an easy one to fall for much easier than a Nigerian prince! Had a little repair done on my car for the break lights. While waiting, another employee was sitting around looking at my car. He noticed one of my headlights covers is a tad dull and offered to spruce it up with a polishing mixture of some sort and asked if I want to see how much of a difference it will make. As I was simply waiting, I shrugged and said cool. He ended up polishing the headlight, cleaning it up a bit I must admit.

I picked the bottle…which has remained unopened in my trunk for over a year. You promised me a free vacation. I need a positive thing in my life now. Uggh, I get those stupid robo-calls like 5 times a week. I instantly block the number from ever calling again. Love that you toyed around with those scammers, least you could do is frustrate them some more :-P. Last year when I visited Bangkok, I found an ugly scorpion on a stick.

There was a Bangkok guy selling this around in the basket full of them. I wanted one for facebook photos and that guy saw me eyeing on it.

He purposely walked around me while waving the basket around my face. Out of curiosity, I asked them how much the scorpion on a stick cost, they told me no more than 20 baht…. I paid baht. I then saw that guy again in front of the restaurant i was sitting in. We made eye contact. I swear he smirked and walked the other way just to avoid me. I see this egregiously done in India all the time.

I think one of the scammiest albeit smart sales tactic is what the phone companies are doing to sell MORE phones. The scam: Lease-only phone options. Sign up and get FREE smart phone or at significantly reduced price. Rinse and repeat. Wanna upgrade? Give us our phone back and we will resale later and you just keep paying and we will continue to hook you up Latest phone for the price of your favorite gram :- 3. Rinse and repeat a paid customer forever …. I actually think for phones and things like that, sometimes the monthly leasing system is better. When it comes to phones I think the better your phone, the more productive you can be, so I enjoy that model.

I always won. Charge backs leading to shut down merchant accounts, complaints leading to have to spend even more money producing content to offset the new negative footprint online, customer service staffing…. Integrity and honesty do keep customers happy. Setting realistic expectations is hard in sales but when you can set a low barrier to initial results, communicate with the customer and show them how you dos what you promised to do with their money smoother skin, lose 2 pounds in a month etc- you get the reorders and the subscriptions.

I teach consultative sales training to large companies and I usually have to get sales people to forget what they think they know about sales. I think. I once no joke ordered a free system for working at home with Google, and making a couple hundred a week. Well, the Internet Marketing niche is filled with scammers. Mega superstars of marketing will be speaking and two in particular were noted on the top of their sales page. That should have been on the page as a disclaimer, right? So, I am asking to please understand and reverse the charges.

Me: I was told David was coming. So, my purpose of coming was removed. Oh man, that IS super shady. That would only serve them right. And it would help others not get scammed — even if it is too late for that specific event. That is one good thing about the Internet: the dishonest people might come to realize that losing their reputation is much more expensive than reimbursing you. You guessed it it was a clone of the us government site..

In fact the first 4 sites in Google were scam sites. I kicked up a Sheeeet storm and threatened to get all medieval on them.. So they processed it for me. Oh no! That sucks! I bet a ton of others fell for it too. Hopefully it gets reported enough that it stops showing up in Google results. Guess what never arrived? Awww, that sucks! And back in the day there was probably no way to find out who the seller was. Obvious scams! I saw that! I have no idea what they teach.

Oh I bet! I think I encountered all of this by googling making money online : I once found a guy that was standing in front a plane saying that he was able to buy that by affiliate marketing…. Bahahhaa, I love the private jet pics.

"Everything Is Bullshit: The Greatest Scams On Earth Revealed" by Priceonomics + a Diet Dr. Pepper

I saw this one guy sitting in a private jet with his legs crossed and looking like he was busy…. Those long videos are annoying. Best scam that I almost fell for. I received a call from someone stating they were from the electric company and they had not received the monthly payment. They somehow knew how much I had owed the last month. I happened to be at the bank at the time and confirmed that the payment went through.

I swore it was paid, he asked for a confirmation number. The teller at the bank said there is no confirmation number because it was paid electronically. I asked to speak to a supervisor, after a few minutes another guy got on the phone and I explained the situation to him. He apologized and said they had recently moved to a new billing system.

He told me I needed to pay the bill to avoid disconnection, and there was nothing he could do because it was all automatic in the system. He said that he would issue a check for the duplicate payment plus extra for the inconvenience. I told him I needed to move some money around and I would pay him later, and asked for his call back number.

Special order items

Called the electric company, who verified it was a scam, and asked me to report it to the police, which I did. They referred me to the fraud department, who referred me to the FTC, who referred me to somewhere else i forget now , and the long story short…. They could only do something if I paid money. Awesome post Neville. Thanks Cesar! I remember the tuk tuk drivers in the Thailand were always the scammers. While not copy writing, I will always think of my Dad his sending away cereal box tops for a sweet submarine. In the commercial, it was bombing around the sea floor taking out enemies.

When he finally received it, he loaded it with baking soda, dropped it in the tub, and watched sink then rise. He ranks this among his biggest let downs ever. Then you make a chart showing that if you just do this one thing once a month or so, you make a million dollars in a couple years. Something totally possible, but that which requires a great deal of expertise, contacts, customers in place, the ability to sell, an understanding of finance, your market, and luck. Well then just do that every month, taking profits and reinvesting them.

Your a millionaire. The chart only shows profits, not liabilities or debt. People can just barely wrap their mind around the math enough to ignore the fact that they have none of the expertise necessary to do it once, much less with ever increasing consistency. Just look at the chart! Unfortunately they never quite work out as well as the system advertises. Only a very small percentage if any people get the advertised result.

My sister got a phone call trying to sell her a cruise. I recall a story now. A few weeks later we get a phone call from Canada -if I remember right- notify us we won a free trip. The guy told us we need to sort out more details nad they will call back later. So he did and he was asking personal details needed to orginize the trip. After a long talk he said the last thing he needs from us is credit card details. Little later some guy called back claming he is a manager and gave some BS too regarding why they need the CC info. He went mad and he was shouting when we refused to give the CC out to them and after a while he hang up.

I believe they were credit card scammers also identity teft scammers. Damn it. We then proceeded to meet again in a grand hotel conference room. Is it a scam? Arguably not. But it would be interesting to know the ratio the amount of people who at least make their money back VS another debt to pay off. Give you enough good stuff, then go to the next step. I was about 15 years old, and I am Nigerian. Spoke to the guy in English but not in our native tongue — Igbo. So, I switched over to Igbo — and he totally freaked out.

What a weird string of events — the whole family came down on him. Turns out it was a group of teens scamming people for kicks. Get the nice shiny thing inexpensively now, but then it takes 6 months to get them to respond to your request to stop billing you for the BS membership…if they respond at all. Seller: Amazon. Seller: Boook Market.

Other Sellers. The Time commitment. Free customs procedures. Diversified payment, flexible. Free delivery. Free delivery in Phnom Penh. Safe shopping. With Fado Hipster Business Models: How to make a living in the modern world. Bullshit Jobs: A Theory. Publisher Priceonomics. Publication date June 24, Language English. Product Dimensions 5. Shipping Weight Book length ISBN Best Sellers Rank View more. Some are just bullshit. Take a seemly innocuous concept animal shelters, diamond rings, recycling and then proceed to pull back the curtain, start tracing the money, and soon you will absolutely loathe these institutions.

This book is a collection of articles from the Priceonomics blog , with some new material. How was it?

Everything is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed Everything is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed
Everything is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed Everything is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed
Everything is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed Everything is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed
Everything is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed Everything is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed
Everything is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed Everything is Bullshit: The greatest scams on Earth revealed

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